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Daysy & "Die Perioden-Werkstatt"

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Le duo imbattable pour des règles saines

Our bundle for a healthy period and natural family planning is simply ideal for all women who want to get to know their cycle and body better - completely without hormonal birth control. The bundle is only available in our shop!

Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden provides important insights into the female period, which Lara Briden has gained in her work as a naturopath and more than 20 years of experience in women's health.

Lara Briden's mission is to encourage women to deal with their body and cycle in a natural way. With her book, she challenges and presents a new understanding of women's health: the period as a cyclic window takes an fundamental place in women's health by being regarded as a vital sign.

With Daysy, the fertility tracker, this approach finds its technological counterpart: thanks to Daysy, you can learn what your exact cycle is like. Daysy uses a simple color system to show you whether you are fertile (red) or not (green). Daysy is ideal for tracking your cycle and learning more about your body.

Together with Lara Briden´s book you have everything at hand to experience your cycle naturally and healthy - completely without side effects! If you buy the combination package you save 10 EUR  10 CHF on the Daysy.

Only available in English and German!



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